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Hypnosis Vacation
                                                                                                              IT'S TIME FOR A VACATION                            PHONE DAVID: 6 0 4 - 3 6 9 - 6 5 0 6


                                                                                Caribbean Wellness Retreat

There are two types of vacations, the actual physical kind, or the hypnotic vacation, you take in your mind.A hypnosis vacation can be as short as a daydream. Often work or just life gets in the way of having a physical vacation, so take a hypnosis vacation in your mind. While you are dreaming why not make it a working vacation.

Go to the place you want to be, and see what it is you want to have happen in your life. Visualize the perfect you, see your self at the perfect weight, or not smoking, allergy free, what ever it is for you. Take it a step further, who do you want to be surrounded by, do the people in your life make you feel good about your self, if not it is time to move on. What possessions will you have in your life, what kind of car will you drive, what house will you have. Keep in mind it is not the possessions that make some one happy. It is all about how you feel about your self and life in general.

If you are not happy in one location then you are not going to be happy in a new place. You might have nicer surroundings, but the same old crap that you are worrying about will follow you there, or you will import it. You probably know the drama junkie, they can only be satisfied if there is drama in their life and if it isn't there, then they are going to look for it.

Are you going to have true love on your hypnosis vacation? Have you experienced true love, maybe you only think you have. That is a more involved discussion, so for now import what you believe to be true love. The more vivid you make your vacation, including sights sounds, smells then you are more likely to make it real, and don't just see your self in this vacation, step into your body and see through your own eyes, it will make it more real for you.

Some people find it easier to have music accompany them on the journey but some just want quiet, what ever works for you. Practice it, you will get good at it.

For those of you that can take a physical vacation, come join me in the caribbean, for a great time in the sun, and learn Hypnosis as well.

Caribbean Wellness Retreat

Join me in Dominican Republic at the NLP-Hypnosis Seminar April 1st - 3rd, for great time in the sun, and learn Hypnosis as well at the Caribbean Wellness Retreat
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